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Tandem flights $250

Come paraglide with us and experience free flight in its purest form! You can fly tandem with an instructor pilot who provides everything you need and helps you with every step.  You and your instructor run down a grassy hill and let the wing carry you away. There is no jumping involved!  After running a few steps you suddenly find yourself airborne, sitting comfortably in a reclined harness, your feet dangling above the trees with no one in front of you and no cockpit surrounding you.  No noise – just you and the wind.

Depending on conditions you can have views of Mt. Rainier, Mt. Si, Lake Sammamish, Bellevue, Seattle, the Puget Sound and so much more. Bald eagles and other predators leave their nests to ride the same thermals allowing you to literally fly with eagles!

  • Flights are $250
  • Meet at ‘the barn’ at the Seattle Paragliding facility for orientation at your scheduled time.
  • AFTER orientation in the barn, you can hike the Chirico Trail (free) or shuttle up ($20)
  • GoPro video of your flight is available directly from your instructor for $50 by request
  • A Gratuity for an instructor that provides a great experience is always appreciated


Call Marc to schedule your flight


You can optionally email
please include your phone for a callback


Now, read on for all the details to make your day perfect!

Our certified tandem instructor will provide you with everything you need for your flight. 

We can host group events and larger parties with bonfire, music, shade tents and more.

Paragliding flights are an excellent way to celebrate
– Birthdays
– Wedding anniversaries
– Bachelor and Bachelorette parties
Gift Certificates available


Scheduling your flight

To schedule your flight, call or email Marc to discuss your preferred date and time. We will typically ask you to arrive at 11:00, 1:30 or 4:00 and 6:00, but if you’re hiking up, we’ll have you arrive 30 minutes before those times. We’ll be able to find out a little about you and provide guidance on what time of the day is most likely to provide the experience you are looking for.

Once we’ve confirmed your schedule, you will pay to hold that spot. Payment may be made via check, cash, or credit card.

Tiger Mt. North Launch (Poo Poo Point) with Mt. Rainier

Please come to the Seattle Paragliding facility at the base of the mountain at your scheduled arrival time. After an orientation in “the barn” you can choose to drive up in a shuttle for $20 or you can hike up the Chirico Trail to Poo Poo Point (typically 50-90 minutes depending on your fitness). Do NOT hike up without checking in at the barn and going through orientation!


The day of your flight

The morning of your flight, you will call Seattle Paragliding between 9 & 11 AM to ensure the weather is cooperating, confirming your arrival time at Seattle Paragliding facility at the base of the mountain for your orientation.

Note: If your flight is postponed due to inclement weather and you cannot reschedule, your deposit is 100% refunded.

Tiger Mountain Paragliding / Seattle Paragliding
11206 Issaquah-Hobart Rd. SE Issaquah, WA 98027

I-90 to Issaquah, WA
Exit 17 (Front Street exit)
Head South on Front Street
Go 2.8 miles
Seattle Paragliding is on the left.

Look for our paragliding mural. You get private parking in front of or behind the blue building.

Your Orientation in “The Barn”

Walk up the driveway and up the ramp leading into the Barn where you’ll see harnesses and big screen TVs. This is where you’ll receive your orientation before heading up the mountain.

The barn – orientation sitting in harnesses is fun and entertaining

When you arrive, we will have chairs, tables and shade umbrellas set up for your entourage to enjoy while you receive your orientation. The orientation is on big screen TVs while sitting in harnesses just like you will be flying in. You’ll learning how we prepare, take off, fly and land. Its not only educational, its a lot of fun!

Next, you will sign a waiver. Passengers under 18 will need a parents signature to fly.

The barn – clean and spacious facility is an ideal place to hang out and learn about paragliding

Other frequently asked questions

Where do start?

Arrive at the barn at the Seattle Paragliding facility at or before your scheduled orientation time.

How long will we be at the mountain?

You will want to allocate about 2.5 – 3 hours from the time you arrive until you depart, but many people enjoy the environment so much they stay longer watching gliders fly and land. On many nights we light a bonfire to enjoy the evening.

How long is the flight?

The quick answer is that it depends on what the air is doing.

Paragliders descend at a constant rate of 200 feet per minute, and our launch is 1,600 above the valley floor. This means in calm air, we launch and fly around and above the trees for around 8-12 minutes.

But this is Tiger Mountain, and what frequently happens is that air warmed by the sun rises right in front of the mountain. When the sun is heating the ground, and the air is rising, we can ride thermals for longer periods of time. Tandem flights in the 20 minutes, 30 minutes and even hour flights can be had.

Longest flights at Tiger Mountain are in the 6+ hour range
Highest flights here have exceeded 10,000′ altitude
Farthest flights from Tiger are to Bellingham, Mt. Rainier, and over the cascades, landing in Eastern Washington.

We can’t promise flight times since that is up to the air and sun the day you fly, but we can guarantee that every flight is absolutely exciting, fun, educational, and something you will remember forever. If you are really focused on a longer flight and have a flexible schedule, talk to us and we can help you pick a day to fly when all the right indicators line up. Ideal conditions are when the air is cool at night, and the sun is out in the day with puffy white cumulous clouds dotting maybe 30% of the sky, and winds out of the North at 5-10 mph. These are the days our pilot community dream about.

What is the hike up like?

The hike to Poo Poo Point can be enjoyed by anyone in reasonable physical shape. An athlete can power up in 45 minutes, and families with small children may take 2 hours. Most people take around one hour give or take. You can enjoy the view, maybe eating lunch or dinner at the top, and then fly down. It’s a fun and unique way to spend half a day.

What should my entourage do while I fly?

Family and friends can choose to hike or pay to shuttle up to watch you take off, or stay in the LZ (landing zone) to watch you come in. Both provide a great experience. Our launch, located at Poo Poo Point on Tiger Mountain, has views of Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker, Lake Sammamish, Bellevue and the Cascades.

South launch on the left and North launch on the right.
South launch with Mt. Rainier on the left and North launch with Lake Sammamish on the right.

Our Location

We are the only business with facilities located at the landing zone. This allows for private parking spaces, Initial instruction sitting in a paragliding harness watching videos in HD on a large screen TV, chairs and tables to complete paper work, bon fires for post flying relaxation, outdoor music, stadium lights and fully functional facilities (no porta-potties for you!).

In addition to a memorable flight, we want the entire experience to be fun. Our pilots are selected for their flying skills, good judgment and professional yet fun demeanor.

Can we get GoPro videos of our flight?

Absolutely! Go Pro video footage of your flight is optionally available directly from your instructor for $50, and you’ll be able to share your experience taking off and maybe even flying the glider in super HDEF on the latest GoPro.

If you know you want video ahead of time, be sure to let us know before we head up the mountain!

Students get pre-flight instruction

Do people tip their instructors?

Tips are very much appreciated. Your instructor is going to put out a ton of energy not only keeping you safe, but also so you have an awesome experience. If you appreciate their dedication, skill in getting you a great flight, and even a few bad jokes that help keep you loosened up before you run off the mountain, a gratuity will make their day.

If you buy your video, that money goes directly to your instructor, so its a great way to tip them and get something to share in the process.

Tandem Paragliding Flight with South launch in view


Call Marc to schedule your flight


You can optionally email
please include your phone for a callback