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Why Us

We offer several advantages not offered by any other local school including:

1) The only local full-time school – Fly or practice kiting anytime the weather permits. Instructors at other schools have to coordinate with their full time jobs. We have two on-site full time instructors and several part time instructors.




2) The only school located at the landing zone – Several logistical advantages, video review on our big screen TV after flying, post flying bon fires, real bathrooms (vs porta-potties), music and so much more.




3) The only training hill – Come practice your launches on a nice grassy hill. It’s the only local dedicated training hill. Stadium lights allow night time practice and outdoor speakers add to the ambiance.

Training Hill



4) The only dedicated classroom – We are the only local school with any kind of facility, let alone one dedicated solely for instruction. The classroom includes a large screen TV, topo maps of the area, white board and more.




5) Equipment Loft – In addition to the classroom we have another facility dedicated solely to equipment. This accommodates up to eight harness simulators allowing you to sit in, and try on, your harness before purchasing.




6) Emergency Chute Zip Line – Practice throwing your reserve chute on our zip line. Not offered at any other local school.



7) Experience – No one locally has instructed more students or flown more tandems. We built the trail to launch and improved the north and south launches.


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